About Us

Lab Me Analytics inception came out of coal face clinical scenarios where doctors were too pressed for time, overworked, and understaffed. The result was an incomplete analysis of patients most valued front line diagnostic – blood work.

 Lab Me Analytics set out with a drive to build high precision machine intelligence that could sift through the historical blood work of not only individuals but populations and provide solid actions to improve outcomes and reduce risk.

 Lab Me Analytics machine intelligence identifies micro anomalies faster than a blink of an eye, can determine an individual’s normal range, identify microscopic yet significant changes within their normal ranges and identify who is at risk for a series adverse clinical event. Used as a tool with doctor and patient it not only can improve treatment plans but reduce hospital workloads at the same time.

 Dr. Salamon from Harvard Medical School states, “Even if you feel that you’re healthy, it’s still a good idea to have a continuous record of standard blood markers, so your doctor can look for trends.”  Each test has its own rules. Normal ranges today are based on mass population statistics which doesn’t leave much room for individuality.

Our Leadership Team

Lab Me Analytics (LMA) was founded by Anthony Close in 2017. It was called Lab Me and started as an idea that Anthony had 4 years prior.  In 2013, Anthony was in private practice when he had a patient bring in blood work that showed improvement over 5 decades. Had he only looked at the patient’s current blood work, he would have missed the real story.  The progress that the patient had made between the ages of 25 to 70.  That realization, on top of the numerous times he was contacted by friends and family to interpret what their blood work meant, started the journey towards the Lab Me Analytics vision.

In 2017, Gregg, a diplomatic advisor and a powerful force of sales for Gartner Technologies, furthered the organization by adding highly specialized procedures and operations.  The business model flourished and gained international attention. Through Gregg’s connections the advisory panel was bolstered and the team building begun.   Gregg is currently the local director for the Singaporean entity.

In 2019, Kevin Williams joined Lab Me Analytics as COO.  Mr. Williams brings to Lab Me his vast experience from over a decade of creating rapid growth start up companies .. Previously, Mr. Williams successfully grew a Singapore company into a multi-million dollar enterprise on which he still sits on the boards.. In addition, he successfully raised $2M for Findwork.io and grew the company to a +8M USD valuation in less than 2 years with over 10,000 users. He studied pre-medicine at the prestigious schools of GeorgeTown and George Washington University. He holds the New Jersey State Governor’s award for public service.

In May of 2019, Lab Me welcomed Selvakumar Esra as the new CTO.  Selva held senior positions at DBS Banks as well as technical lead roles for Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank and JP Morgan Chase.  He has over 15 years development experience and is highly skilled at leading and managing teams in agile format.

Early Success!

After a glimpse of the early adopter demand, LMA shifted focus from the idea validation to product.  In 2018, LMA received seed capital to power the development of machine intelligence used to drive the application. By the third quarter of 2018, LMA had over 14 team members, in 3 countries, with 2 partnership letters of intent.

In less than 2 months, we had computer vision algorithms (OCR) for blood work recognition that were outperforming Google, IBM, and Microsoft.  In less one year, we were pre-product, pre-revenue funded and in discussion with the largest pharmaceutical groups in the region.

The company made a strong choice to pivot from simple blood test uploading into end-end, full stack blood test services.  In 2019, LMA added key partnerships that allows their users to order blood work, undergo the test, get results, and consult with a doctor – all from the comfort of their home using the application.

During the development of this, LMA released rapid, one step blood tests that users can order and do themselves at home.  The tests include: HIV, Dengue, Typhoid, PSA, Influenza, Malaria, and more.

LMA hope that its technology can help reach the millions of people that lack proper access to blood testing.

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Healthcare

With AI set to change the way we interact with both technology and the world, Lab Me is constantly on the pulse of medical technology and the improvement of human life. We will continue to explore how to better understand, collect and structure healthcare big data.  However, more importantly, we want to see the unseen.

ABC News reported, “ Although your doctor will test your vitals, you need to remember that she is only testing these metrics at one particular moment in time.

She won’t have running averages for your numbers over the past six months. While it’s common for many of us to keep track of our weight throughout the year, we might also want to track other metrics — and should — if we’re at risk for certain things.”

You wouldn’t trade a stock based on the day data so why would you make health decisions in the same way?  Instead, traders look at the historical charts to see the trends to make better decisions. Doctors want to do this as well but often time, workload and lack of resources get in the way.  Lab Me Analytics instantly reduces that workload and puts you in the driver’s seat.

Besides giving you and your doctor a better tool – we also provide you with the ability to get a second opinion, securely monitor your loved one’s blood testing remotely, and see visual where you are improving over time.  If you have started a new drug, diet or workout plan – you are able to track the result easily.

With only a photo of your lab results, your home glucose or blood pressure machine – you can store, track analyze and report.  Maybe your hospital already has a portal and that is fine – however many move clinics, have emergencies or want a second opinion thus making the data scattered.  Time to take control of your own data and place it at your fingertips.

Patterns that appear, may hold the key for a breakthrough – and that is what excites and drives our team on a second by second basis.  This kind of data is too novel, large and complex to process with human minds. Using our proprietary algorithms, we spot patterns for forecasting, predicting and solving new problems; hiding within blood data.